The 2012 European windstorm season will begin on January 1, 2012 and end on December 31, 2012. On average 82 storms form each year. Storm advisories are issued by the Worldwide Cyclone Center (WCC) and names are given by the University of Berlin (UoF).

Storm namesEdit

Storms are named by the University of Berlin, names are donated by the public through their 'Adopt-a-Vortex' programme. When extratropical remnants of tropical cyclones move into the area, they are not renamed. They are known as Ex-(cyclone name).

  • Andrea (unused)
  • Bibiana (unused)
  • Celine (unused)
  • Dota (unused)
  • Elfriede (unused)
  • Fabienne (unused)
  • Gisela (unused)
  • Helga (unused)
  • Ines (unused)
  • Julia (unused)
  • Katarzyna (unused)
  • Lucina (unused)
  • Minnie (unused)
  • Nicole (unused)